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Brand new Admira Irenes at cost price
June 7, 2019
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June 14, 2019

I have been a classical guitarist now and teacher for the last 30 years and in the last five years I have been teaching full-time professionally in my studio in Auburn. When I first started I was working with Payton distributors, my supplier. I looked into various guitars but decided I would go with Admira guitars because of their outstanding tone and quality. Payton gave me a whole range of sample Admira guitars and I’ve been working on them since. I have found that the Admira Irene best suits my studio and playing style.
The Admira is a sweet low action light soft instrument. I recently purchased two guitars as showroom models in order to promote the guitar. Here at Marks Classical Guitar School, Auburn, we are here to promote a particular style of classical guitar playing.
The kind of guitar playing I’m looking for is a low-power action. Because the Irene is a low action instrument that is the strings are very close to the fretboard it lends itself to a sweet tone, at the expense of volume that is loudness when it comes to playing in performance I would rather sacrifice loudness of volume for the sweetness of sound. These days I believe volume is not a problem loudness is not a problem because it is easy to achieve amplification especially with microphones and amplifiers.
I think I have a good reason for choosing this kind of style of playing on the grounds of aesthetic purposes but also ergonomic I don’t want my students to injure themselves and ergonomics is also very much a part of professional guitar playing. I sometimes see professional guitarists performing on YouTube and they have had bandaging over around themselves around the arms and they talk about injuries so this is something that is detrimental to guitar practice something to avoid.
The problem with playing is that when the right-hand is played with a very powerful action the left-hand is sympathetic to it and what that results is a very stressed and stiff architecture of the shoulders and this overworked muscles and joints not only results in more stressed and poor performance that also increases the likelihood of long-term injuries.
The Admira Irene serves many purposes it ergonomic beautiful in design and produces a lovely tone. At Marks Classical Guitar School, we have a special offer.
All you need to do is buy a white voucher worth $350 bringing your tuition fee to $35 an hour and you can have the Admira Irene for a cost price of only $400. Please call me Mark on 0402 431 071 so that we can discuss this thank you.

Only $400

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