Classical Guitar teacher wanted

Guitar lessons in Newington
January 25, 2019
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February 14, 2019

Can you play a classical guitar?
Have you ever considered teaching the instrument?

At Marks Classical Guitar School

all your support needs will be met.

The studio is a modern clean air-conditioned studio.

Free sheet music is provided for all students.

You will learn and get training with:

Orientating, introducing and teaching students about the lessons in their first lesson.

How to sell vouchers and the terms and conditions of the vouchers system.

How to promote yourself on my website and google maps and Gumtree.

How to prepare a folder for a new student, tailoring it to their preferences and abilities.

We have quality Admira guitars for sale and use in lessons.

If you are keen to teach classical guitar, please
call me Mark on 0402 431 071 so we can discuss.

CALL 0402 431 071